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2021 The Year Of The Greats! 

The crossover event at Grace Nation was a phenomenal night! Our Man of God Pastor Gerry Mickle decreed the year to be the Year of the Greats! We are off to a new beginning as we venture into 2021 with this divine declaration.  

Grace World Daily

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Sunday Service starts at 10am (not Live) and second service at 1pm.

Wednesday Night Live every Wednesday

starting @8pm.

Friday Night Prayer every Friday after bible Study. Bible study @ 8pm, prayer @ 10pm.

Funding the Grace World Daily

Grace Daily is coming to you! As our Pastor Gerry Mickle grows in the knowledge of Christ, the word delivered to him from the Lord is constantly increasing. In order to spread the Grace Daily to the Masses we ask for special donations whether it is buying a book or sewing a seed.